The Shrooms

Shroom-life farm is currently growing pink oyster mushrooms and pearl oyster mushrooms. I am growing shrooms in substrate of wheat and barley straw, cardboard and coffee grounds, its awesome to turn items that usually are thrown away into gourmet beautiful food!


Currently i am growing mushrooms semi outdoors in a structure that is built from salvaged items. Whenever possible i use filtered rain water and since the strains of mushrooms i choose to grow can grow naturally in our environment I do not need to use much energy in production. 


Whenever possible mushrooms are fruited with harvested and filtered rain water for superior taste. Oyster mushrooms are known for havind a sweet woody taste, they have a mild flavor and tender meaty pearl oyster mushroomconsistancy. Oyster shrooms are versitile, can be used for most mushroom recipes as a superior more nutrient dense substitute. Oyster mushrooms are high in protien and can ve used as main course. 


cleaning: cut off most of stem, gently rinse with water and pat dry with paper towel


preservation: best to be used right away, will stay fresh about 7 days in paper tray wrapped loosely with bag or paper towel, if getting dry moisten paper towel if wet place on dry towel. Do not keep in sealed container as mushrooms “breathe”


mushrooms can be sauteed in butter and frozen for months.


cut into slices and lay flat to dry and can be kept for a year.




high in protien low fat


high iron


medicinal benefits


full of vitamins



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