The ponics

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My brother came down to visit in December 2015 and noticed how pathetic my vegetable garden looked and asked why not set up an aquaponic system…at that point I really had no idea what aquaponics was but once i started to research it I was hooked! I had my system running by that February and fully cycled by may! I have spent the last several months experimenting with what grows well or not in the system and i am excited to see what i produce when that the system is fully mature.

Since my goal is to use recycled materials i would like to share what I did and used. The fish tank part is a wood hot tub frame that is reinforced and then lined with recycled carpet i salvaged from dumpster. The tank is then lined with plastic sheeting. The large floating bed is a frame of pallets cut in half with some wood reinforcement that is lined with old carpet then lined with recycled bilboard tarp. The large rock grow bed is an old aluminum boat that is lined with plastic sheeting. The system runs on 1 pump that pumps water from floating bed area thru boat to fish tank. Water then overflows tank and flows like a waterfall back into to floating grow bed.

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