Shroom-life farm is a backyard sustainable farm. My farm has a no kill motto unless you are going to eat it. I use non lethal predator management and if i loose a hen to a coon or something i see it as letting one go for humanity, after all they only need to eat my chicken because we have taken their home. I started this initiative after getting laid off from my last “traditional” job. I was tired of working for someone else so I decided to find a way to work for myself. Our culture is quite wasteful and I have discovered several ways to upcycle what most may think of as trash into items that I can use on my farm. In doing so not only am I able to do a large part in preserving our planet, I am able to operate a farm like no other that can offer my animals and plants a natural environment in a truely sustainable way plus I am able to homeschool my child and pass on the importance of saving resources. I am also able to produce enough food for our family and to fund upkeep of the farm.  Currently I have chickens for eggs and meat. I grow gourmet oyster mushrooms. I have a small bamboo nursery. I have a aquaponic system to grow vegetables herbs and tilapia. I also have mealworm and black soldier fly larvae colonies as protein supplement for chickens and fish. Of course there is also a vegetable garden. All of this would not be possible without the trash…I mean treasure I have found allong the way!






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